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    TECH CORPS Illinois announced its request for proposals to participate in their Technology Assistance Project (TAP) initiative.

Using TECH CORPS Illinois volunteers, the TAP program will assist schools in implementing needed technology projects that will help their teachers and students get a faster start in the digital world.

All TAP projects will be based on requests submitted by the schools. In the first few weeks of the fall and spring quarters, TECH CORPS Illinois will select up to 15 schools and projects with the greatest need for assistance, and in which TECH CORPS Illinois volunteers could make a difference.

If your school is interested in submitting a proposal for the current school year, please click here to download the technology project request form. Click here to complete the form online.

If you are interested in volunteering for TAP, please email us at support@tcil.org. You can also Sign Up online to become a TECH CORPS Illinois Volunteer.

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